Zhuangshan lose ling Weep

Zhuangshan lose ling Weep

Xie Jin Yan privately purchased LANVIN color oblique slit dress at the Golden Melody Awards big show legs, and even Hollywood actress Emma Stone have been par, about 17 million. (Newspaper profile photo)

Lin Chi-ling and Patty hit Ferragamo clothes to wear, only not the same as the thickness of the belt, beige chiffon long dress about 35 million. (Newspaper profile photo)

Ling run activity opportunities, a large amount of costumes, has thus become Zhuangshan eye of the typhoon. Recently she went to mainland China Qingdao endorsement Longines, coupled with the Flaxen Hair Ferragamo beige chiffon long dress can be said to be typical Zhiling sister score mounted, but Patty at the Golden Melody Awards also choose to wear the same dress, so that the two fashion A coffee Ferragamo had to be desperate battle to go this spring and summer dress natural style, this dress during the show, the relaxed elegance of fine discount department belt, a little bohemian. Wide belt Zhiling sister instead, focus to the waist, but so elegant and smooth feeling less discounts, Patty flavor with a thin belt of the most loyal, but also more than a little spring in the Golden Melody Awards privately purchased Xie Jin Yan oblique dress LANVIN Before the new Spider Woman was Emma Stone through, but Emma did not like Xie Jin Yan rejection skirt, dress tragic collapse, we Taiwanese days after the rejection skirts show legs, but the effect is much better.

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