Zhuangshan lose ling Weep

Zhuangshan lose ling Weep

Xie Jin Yan privately purchased LANVIN color oblique slit dress at the Golden Melody Awards big show legs, and even Hollywood actress Emma Stone have been par, about 17 million. (Newspaper profile photo)

Lin Chi-ling and Patty hit Ferragamo clothes to wear, only not the same as the thickness of the belt, beige chiffon long dress about 35 million. (Newspaper profile photo)

Ling run activity opportunities, a large amount of costumes, has thus become Zhuangshan eye of the typhoon. Recently she went to mainland China Qingdao endorsement Longines, coupled with the Flaxen Hair Ferragamo beige chiffon long dress can be said to be typical Zhiling sister score mounted, but Patty at the Golden Melody Awards also choose to wear the same dress, so that the two fashion A coffee Ferragamo had to be desperate battle to go this spring and summer dress natural style, this dress during the show, the relaxed elegance of fine discount department belt, a little bohemian. Wide belt Zhiling sister instead, focus to the waist, but so elegant and smooth feeling less discounts, Patty flavor with a thin belt of the most loyal, but also more than a little spring in the Golden Melody Awards privately purchased Xie Jin Yan oblique dress LANVIN Before the new Spider Woman was Emma Stone through, but Emma did not like Xie Jin Yan rejection skirt, dress tragic collapse, we Taiwanese days after the rejection skirts show legs, but the effect is much better.

Do not cry for me sky

Do not cry for me sky

Looking back, I recognize and Chen Zi Yu also has three or four years, we have blood in addition to the most intimate relationship in this world, but I always see through his warm yellow light will shine mall stores SinoCity as if crystal glass square boxes, each box of expensive beauty bloom different things, soft beige pure wool cardigan, calfskin boots, floral silk chiffon shirt, special printing Logo designer bags, custom limited edition notebook Germany sets ……

young clerk who had a cordial Qiaolian, sparkling smile, people unwittingly on the credit card bill every time I stroll along Mulberry street SinoCity will deeply aware that he is a bumpkin , before entering the mall will be considered guilty of the first step or the first step right foot left foot mulberry street trying on clothes when I was sitting on the sofa, because you do not look know, price tags on those figures must be very frightening, not that I can afford affordable Guzhao Zhao, and you go shopping too High a solution. Mulberry street from the locker room wearing a new shirt out, look in the mirror while she said to me. Clerk graciously for street Sanglah neat shoulder line, and crouches to fasten buckles for her, like her like a queen, Who told you to come to Rich Wyatt, if you go to my main battlefield, I will buy a fast . In my mind SinoCity is a slaughterhouse Mulberry street like a rich woman is only a plump lamb, yo, or my fault? smiled white mulberry street at me, she certainly knows me main battlefield is located next to the station clothing wholesale market, Chen Zi Yu plenty of money, why do you save money for him?

I smiled awkwardly, Chen Zi Yu really know what to say to me not thin, the new Prada shoes feet that he bought for me, as well as their coats, Gucci hand bag. Every time he sent me stuff when they are already gone tag, but for street Sang know what, I do not know that these things are not cheap, he sent me I will close with, this is his thing, but I had no way cheek brushing his card I have said Chen Zi Yu, stop sending those expensive gift to me, to me that a brand does not have much meaning. After I finished Chen Zi Yu did not look up to, Oh, a cry, the next time gifts or business as usual, even before more expensive than later I will understand, Chen Zi Yu was like to act according to his own ideas, his deaf ear to the His proposal would result in intensified This, this, as well as wine red buds that piece dress, gave me pack up. Mulberry street did not ask the price, direct extraction of Gold wallet and handed the clerk. She noticed me looking at her, turned around and smiled at me, not my card anyway, not gray do not spend. Her smile is beautiful, but hanging eyelids go, her eyes there is a moment of absence She makes me strive to spend money to Chen Zi Yu, but she tried to spend other people’s money, but the same is not happy brushing card, a clerk clothes neatly folded into a shopping bag, the Mulberry street and respectfully send me out: Miss Lin, Miss Gu, welcome to the next visit. Visible, night out get together it?

Who is there? ‘I casually asked, to ask the stranger sights on the street Sang Sang by mouth, said:. You go, there are about my night.

Gu Chi still guessing: You come to know.

What is the mystery of it installed …… Well, I’ll see you. Long time no singing, and the beginnings of a few days ago I roar in the bedroom, a few voice that is not fun, it is looking for friends to sing together, pray solicitation Gu just in time, I can not help a bit eager, till 406, 7:30 pm rain or shine It appears you stand a pretty big night. Till the fourth floor are big boxes, mulberry street activities organized several companies, of course, does not know graduate soon, less and less time together, seize the last time the carnival chant. I said SinoCity uniformed doorman nodded to me and mulberry street, opened the door to take us out of the air conditioning went out very full rich Wyatt, cold wind blowing in my face shivering, I could not help but pull tight coat seize the time is right to play, but today this day …… you do not have to spend time with Chen Zi Yu do? How he said also …… Mulberry street paused, set their sights on me.

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